We help insurance companies achieve process excellence and system transformation through objective expertise, independent of all software vendors. We provide specialized skills in strategic facilitation, business analysis, system analysis, integration design, system testing, project management, program management, and change management.

We handle the evaluation, selection, implementation, or upgrades of your core system. We also guide the way to maximize your current systems, data analytics, customer experience, and digital initiatives. With deep domain knowledge we have served the insurance industry since 1998.

DIFFERENTIATOR… We will always quantify our anticipated results. Examples include a faster implementation, a lower expense ratio, increased premium growth, a stronger agency/policyholder experience, or an overall better ROI.

DIFFERENTIATOR… Fixed price engagements are quite normal for us. Our proven formula of domain knowledge, unique methods, and nearly twenty-five years of experience give us the confidence necessary to absorb budgetary risk.

We provide Business Process Improvement, IT Strategy, and Implementation of software solutions – both old and new including all Insurtech vendors. With our full marketplace knowledge of insurance solutions and deep data analytics capability, we can help your team fully leverage the value of insurance technology.

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