Our Insurance knowledge and functional expertise at Insurance724 has expanded and deepened over many years, specifically since before 1998. Because of that foundation, we can rapidly assess how well your current workflow, technology, and/or data analytics work today and will then define for you how those processes could or should work according to our Best Practices.

We independently evaluate technology solutions for your needs and can implement marketplace software solutions with our program management and change leadership – including our help in the roles of project management, business analysis, modification of rates / rules / forms in your system, testing, or change management.

We can help you finally get the full value from your existing core system, your third party applications, or from the many other technologies in your business model – while leveraging our ability to fully understand your strategic needs and departmental processes.

At Insurance724 we also have a capable hands-on analytics and software development practice for unusual circumstances – to help you better integrate what’s currently in place or to leverage insightful data and better reports from your system for your executive team or operational staff members.

Benefits of Insurance724
Here are some examples of how you can benefit from our skills and experience with information technology in the insurance industry:

We know insurance – all Lines of Business . . .so you don’t have to teach us your business.
We can speak your language . . .and translate among your users, management, and “techies.”
We have knowledge . . .about all of the vendor software solutions that are available in the industry and can help you save valuable time and avoid wasted effort.
We can provide . . .quick, short-term help such as for the testing phase, requirements analysis or to jumpstart the project you just haven’t gotten to yet. We will be there for you.
We can negotiate . . .on your behalf very effectively, thus saving you money and setting up you and your solution provider for success.
We can help . . .you plan ahead and define your budget, so you know what you’re up against before you start or continue down a risky path.
We are not biased . . .towards any particular insurance software package or technology, so we’re working on behalf of your best interests.
We’ll manage . . .your IT vendors for you in a structured way to make sure they fulfill their promises to you.
We’ll architect . . .a solution that works for you by seeing the whole picture. Both your goals and technology constraints will be fully considered, according to our methodology.