Insurance724 is a full-service insurance process and IT consulting practice focused on the needs of insurance companies since 1998. We provide Business Process Improvement, IT Strategy, and Implementation of operational changes and software solutions. With our full marketplace knowledge of insurance solutions (including the multitude of latest Insurtech solutions), we serve the insurance industry with objective expertise that is independent of all software vendors. For our larger clients, we have been successful in providing the project-specific delivery capacity using our resources on a temporary basis. Our professional staff members have an average of 15 years of experience in the industries of insurance and technology, and can provide mission-critical skills such as project management, business analysis, system analysis, modification of rates / rules / forms, testing, integration design, and change management.

We feature a strong data analytics capability and a best practice library of insurance functional knowledge based on the domain knowledge of our experienced staff, combined with technology expertise and project management capability. Many clients have enjoyed our specialty areas of Customer Experience Excellence and User Experience Excellence through workflow improvement while leveraging the most modern technologies.

As an unbiased voice in the marketplace of insurance software vendors, our expertise in IT strategy, process design, system selection, and implementation leadership enables primary carriers (and reinsurance companies) – along with brokers, agencies, employers, and consumers to work seamlessly together – pushing operational processes to a Portal or through Mobile platforms in a secure manner empowering CSRs and policyholders. This helps the extended organization and all of the partner companies to be more competitive through a path of least resistance for placing business, managing programs, and containing risk.

We approach business analysis, operational strategy, and system implementation with the purpose of achieving process excellence. Our goal is to help you maximize your company’s performance with profit and loss measures by producer, line of business, and by market segment – while monitoring the key metrics for leads, quotes, and submissions. Our work in all segments of the industry proves out our breadth and depth.

Here is an overview of our common-sense philosophy, which we put into practice every day combined with our insurance knowledge, passion for process excellence, and insurance technology expertise in the insurance industry…

Our Common-Sense Philosophy

People Based – Belief that websites and e-business systems should be people-based, user-centric, and organizationally-focused… not technology for the sake of technology.

Staying Objective – Avoid package-specific or technology-specific bias, and minimize subjectivity by stating our assumptions.

Building Long-Term Relationships – Service a small number of clients and consistently deliver world-class quality for their benefit.

Managing Risk Preemptively Proactively identify and manage risks (project, technology, and organizational risks) to mitigate or eliminate impacts to timeline, budget, or scope.

Managing Upstream – Detect and fix problems as early as possible to minimize costs, since mistakes and problems left unresolved tend to only grow bigger as time passes.

Leveraging Models – Define all project-related knowledge and information such as requirements, site content, management plans, and documentation in written form through the use of tables, text, and diagrams to eliminate ambiguity, and to increase shared understanding across your organization.