Because we are independent and objective, you can count on us to consistently deliver in a way that is loyal and committed to your needs. Our knowledge of the full marketplace of insurance software vendors (including the many Insurtech solutions) enables us to be your Go-To firm for software evaluation. We provide services in three main areas for our clients including Business Process Improvement, System Evaluation/IT Strategy, and Implementation

Business Process Improvement – We assess how the As-Is process works or doesn’t work today, and with your team we’ll identify the key opportunities for improvement (aka “OFI’s”). This prepares the organization for success as we facilitate the design of a sensible To-Be Process. With a special formula for Change Management along with our sensitivity and wisdom concerning the roles and personalities of your people, we will collaboratively implement your new capabilities. We know from experience that successful IT starts and ends with business process. Our services…

…help you provide the best possible Customer Experience.
…reduce your operating costs and increase your organization’s productivity.
…enrich key reports from your current systems and leverage analytics.

System Evaluation/IT Strategy – While maximizing the value of your current system through modernization and better integration, we’ll evaluate vendor system alternatives and the latest industry technologies relevant for you. We’ll then put together the most viable solution scenarios for your needs, making sure they are well-defined, along with alternative solution paths for contingency purposes. We will adapt to how your organization works in creating alignment, and can train all project participants in our Best Practice strategy techniques to keep all key stakeholders synchronized throughout the project. With the right level of quantification and ROI estimation, we’ll develop a sensible roadmap guiding you to a wise investment of IT dollars along with a detailed and actionable plan. Our services…

…drive key requirements based on your ideal process/solution needs.
…reflect knowledge of all industry solutions including those of insurtech vendors.
…produce a sensible enterprise roadmap from an objective perspective.

Implementation – We will always be willing to follow through with what we outline strategically and with our own recommendations, demonstrating unparalleled commitment in getting you across the finish line with the selected system implementation. Based on your needs and timing, we can have a team of experienced resources ready for project deployment including those with skills in Business Analysis, System Analysis, Modification of Rates / Rules / Forms, Testing, Project Management, Program Management, and Change Management. Our resources will be dedicated to your cause of system delivery and high quality process improvement On-Time and On-Budget. Our services…

…promote Quality Assurance with a solid system testing protocol.
…include user training with knowledge transfer to your staff.
…provide documentation that is role-based and not system/feature-based.

We utilize a field-ready version of the industry standard Six Sigma approach of DMAIC along with appropriate insurance functional knowledge, change management, risk mitigation, and skills transfer to client personnel. Our approach also includes profound methods for Cost-Benefit and ROI analysis, quantifying the continuum from how the business works through how the technology works.

Although Insurance724 is a full-service management and technology consulting firm with end-to-end process improvement and systems lifecycle offerings, our engagements can be structured to provide significant value within any one of the above three service areas.