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An Easy Way to Jumpstart the Creation of Your Roadmap

Consider the area of “customer experience” more strongly and more deeply than you have before, keeping in mind that the perspective of your agents is completely different from the perspective of your policyholders. What are some things that that would make a good difference for them in doing business together or in their perception? What are some ways that you could provide them with more value in your insurance partnerships? How can your team cause better performance for the company and become more solid for the long-term interests of policyholders?

Ask your team what they think, and especially ask your staff members who handle the actual work day in and day out. Here is a simple tool that works well, assuming that it’s filled out separately by each of your key stakeholders both internally and externally. Be sure to get input from a sampling of agent customers and policyholder customers…

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Transition from the As-Is to the To-Be Process Definition

One of the more challenging discussions any organization faces is surrounding the topic of transitioning from the As-Is State definition to the To-Be otherwise known as the End-State Definition. This discussion can be challenging for several reasons and there is a simple but effective method for helping to carry momentum across areas of uncertainty and throughout the change initiative. The To-Be State, unlike the As-Is State is unfamiliar territory for almost all of the participants you will engage, largely because it is dependent on a healthy dose of creation (i.e. the organization’s To-Be does not yet exist and will be unique in your case) and also because the detailed version of the To-Be Definition will need to be fashioned with the specific target software technology in mind.

Envisioning the future is not a comfortable exercise for many, especially those who are uncomfortable with change or who do not understand why change is necessary. Others might be eager for change, readily offering ideas, many of them good and relevant, but sometimes beyond the scope of the project charter. Balancing those reluctant to contribute with those eager is often a tricky task. Complicating factors like project timeline and pressure to make progress are to be expected too. Insurance724’s Transition Methodology balances the many forces at play to ensure progress is apparent and so good ideas are captured, and most importantly to ensure the best quality To-Be design is captured.